Sew felt bags and advantages compared to other fabrics






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Sew felt bags and advantages compared to other fabrics

What are the advantages of felted handbags in comparison to other fabrics? Let's find out later.
Currently, handbag makers are aiming to sew felted handbags in lieu of other fabrics. The reason is because the fabric felt more prominent compared to other traditional fabrics or real leather fabric, artificial leather.
1. Fashion handbags are very fashionable
Fabrics are fabric with a soft fabric surface, canvas bags are very fashionable and sophisticated design will bring the most comfortable for the user. Fabrics are both refined and youthful dynamic, now bags of felt fabric is very popular because of the color durability and fashion style.

Fabrics made of felt fabric are delicate, modern, lightweight and fashionable, suitable for outdoor activities, traveling, going to school and working. Felt fabric has a variety of colors to give users the elegance, youthful appeal. Felt handbags are suitable for students, students, office workers, people ....
2. High-strength felt fleece handbags

The color of the felt fabrics is very durable, so when we sew the felt fabric bags will be less faded by the impact from the outside. Especially soft felt fabrics, so when not in use, you can easily fold and store them without worrying about the area compared to bags made of ordinary fabrics.
3. The convenience of sewing felt bags
Feather is a tough, high-strength fabric, so you can completely change your bag for a variety of purposes such as: storage when traveling, going out, pen , school books or a laptop without worrying about being scratched ...
In addition, when sewing fabric bags, you can also use these bags as gifts to customers, friends on the occasion of gratitude, birthday ...
With prominent advantages, the fabric of fabric is now very popular in the list of products of manufacturers, supermarkets, shopping centers. And if you are a manufacturer of balo, handbags, then you quickly add the bag of felt material into your bag collection soon.