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Use and preserve cloth bags for men

Nowadays, in addition to the bags of men's leather, the line of cloth bags and umbrellas are crowned in the male fashion. With many advantages such as light weight, not afraid of damage due to moisture mold, not afraid of sunshine more cheap price affordable for many objects, you can meet men using the bag This is as much as autumn leaves. But when talking about proper use and preservation of this type of bag, most of you are often quite confused do not know how to standard. Let's refer to offline!

1. Overview of material used to make canvas bags
Linen fabric, also called linen, is a fabric that is knitted together from the fabric fibers are certainly high strength. With the advantages of material, canvas used much to make handbags for men. These bags give the user peace of mind because of their durability and masculine power.
Dad with the following uses made it one of the most used handbags in the leather.

- The first thing that can be knitted is that the fabric is strong enough to withstand a great deal of force and shock. When using cloth bags, the boys are completely assured not to be torn, stretched like skin.
- Fabrics have excellent waterproofing ability when it rains. Thanks to the fabric is processed well, no matter how heavy rain, the cloth can also escape the drowning, if wet, it is very quickly dry without worry will cause moldy and damaged bags.
- The fabric is safe with the health of the user, it is not as toxic as synthetic materials or other artificial materials.
- With handbags canvas, the cleaning of bags is extremely simple, if stains are dirty, you can wash as easily as washing clothes every day.
- The ultimate advantage of this bag is its compact size. Lighter weight than any other type of bag is easy to fold, roll if not used is the advantage not only the boys that the girls also love this bag.
2. How to use fabric handbags for standard

  • Put the bag where the standard

In the process of use, the boys should put cloth bags in large places, so hang on the hooks so that the bag is not bent and folds. If not used then you should roll up the bag to avoid folding will leave the folds very bad in the bag.

  • Avoid heavy loads in your bag for too long

No matter how durable the bag is, putting heavy objects in your pocket will cause the bags on the bag to break. When not in use, it is best to put everything in the bag out.

  • Wear a daddy bag the right way

The boys should wear the bags properly, if the backpack should be worn on both sides to avoid wearing a shoulder, but also do not try to handbag on the shoulder causing the bag to break.
3. The note in the preservation of the canvas bag

Any bag will be degraded after a period of use, so want a durable and beautiful bag, you also have to pay attention to preserve them. For bags of cloth, when washing the bag with water, you should remember to remove all the items in the bag, especially paper, because the paper to break into the bag will be difficult to remove. You also restrict the use of brushes to hit the surface of the bag because it will make the fabric frayed aesthetically. When hanging a bag with a tip you should slop back to the bag to dry faster and avoid damaging the parts of the bag.
Dad fabric is also easy to grip stains such as grease and paint, ink so you limit the bag to where it is not clean to avoid dirty bags.